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Saturday, April 10, 2004

It is About Time...

After the first attack on any service members in Fallujah, we should have taken the city. Instead of waiting for them to kill four civilians, the first IED or attack on a convoy in this area, we should have done what we are doing now in Fallujah. I just cannot stop feeling as though we should have done this long before the four civilians were brutally murdered and their bodies desecrated.

My husband and those with him have been dodging IEDs and attacks in the Sunni Triangle for months. Where were the clerics then? Why weren't they telling everyone to stop the violence so we could bring in money and start rebuilding at record pace? Without the violence against our people, we could have done so much more to benefit them. Why does it take something like the four civilians and our subsequent assault to wake up these clerics and those on the Governing Council?

And why are a few on the Governing Council threatening to quit (one has) if we do not stop the assault on a town that has killed many of those trying the hardest to bring peace to this region? When all is said and done, we need to remove these fools and an eternal dirt nap for them would be an ideal added bonus in my opinion.

Why weren't these people going to Fallujah before now to hold talks and to assist in helping to bring peace to the Sunni Triangle? It is ok for Americans to die in the streets of this region in the name of freedom FOR Iraqis - but not Iraqis? Give me a break. If these folks had cared one bit, they would have done more, the clerics would have done more. Instead, now that we are finally not only defending ourselves but taking out the garbage, they refused to condemn (and Sistani is STILL not condemning their actions, but ours) by issuing a fatwa, they want to whine and make demands. Two words I have for them, but they aren't very lady like so I will keep them to myself. The initials - for those who need a hint are F.O.

They've had a year to try to explain to the Iraqis that we are the good guys. They failed and they should step down - at gun point if needed. They had a year for clerics to issue statements against violence against the Coalition. They never did and they can hold some of the blame for any innocent civilian deaths that happen at the hands of our troops or the insurgents we are fighting.

The people in this region only understand violence. It's high time we gave it to them with both barrels and air power to boot. I'm tired of my husband being a sitting duck dodging bombs, RPGs and being mortared every night by Iraqis too scared to stand and fight. I'm tired of those in uniform being an "ok target" to Iraqis, terrorists and even those trying to lead this country. I'm so glad they have finally given our people the go-ahead to clean up this crap hole.

"The prospect of some city father walking in and making 'Joe Jihadi' give himself up are pretty slim," said Lt. Col. Brennan Byrne, commander of the 1st Batallion, 5th Marine Regiment.

"What is coming is the destruction of anti-coalition forces in Fallujah ... they have two choices: Submit or die," he told reporters.

And this my friends is the only way to get through to people who bring nothing but destruction to the country they supposedly love. It's high time they get the memo we're done playing around. The war is not over and the target has moved from our backs to theirs. Bomb them into the stone age they never left if needed, but stop allowing our people to die without a fight. My patience is gone, my sympathy is lacking for Iraq and the only thing I have my eye on is my husband making it out of there alive - eventually. And if it means complete annihilation of entire towns as we should have done on the run to Baghdad last year, then so be it. At least if mine can fight, he has a better chance of coming home standing rather than in a body bag.

It's about damn time...

U.S. Increases Military Strength in Fallujah
SideNote: The AP should learn how to spell battalion!

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