The Deployment Diary

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Day 228 - Procrastination Saturday!

I have so much to do around here before tomorrow. Here it is 11 a.m. and I've yet to accomplish anything. That, unfortunately, is the norm around here as of late.

Tomorrow a friend is coming out to visit with her children. We're going to go to a community thing here in town. She wants to see the house formerly known as the crack house before we go though lol! Maybe tonight (or today, heck I'm procrastinating - why not lol) I'll finally sit down and share the story of how my obsession with old homes came to be. Until then, just know when I saw this house, I instantly fell in love. My husband, however, thought I'd lost my ever loving mind ha!

At any rate, she's heard all about what I've been doing to the house and what all I have to complete before my husband returns. She's seen the photos of projects as they evolve. And, although she lives a short thirty minutes from here, we've yet to be able to get together where she can see the house and get a small tour. Tomorrow is the day.

Currently the babies are doing an art project in the living room. It's a mine field of sorts. Construction paper, tape, markers, a stapler (that only daughter can use, little guy has to ask for assistance), crayons, scissors and the aftermath of all those accessories. Life is good, albeit messy.

However, I have loads of laundry to do. I have a dining room to sand down to get ready to stain. I have a bathroom to clean, floors to vacuum and a kitchen floor to mop (that cannot be mopped until the sanding is completed or it defeats the purpose). I need to organize my desk and the overflowing toy bin in the living room. Oh - and of course cook meals and give baths and all the other things that are normally done around here.

The life of a procrastinator. Sit and waste time so you can worry about your sitting and wasting time lol!

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