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Monday, April 19, 2004

Day 223 - A Rambler's Ramble...

The job sort of took a hiatus over the weekend, so it gave me some much needed downtime. I took advantage of it and actually got a few things accomplished around here.

Saturday, we ventured out to Lowes and purchased three boxwood bushes and two azalea bushes. The azalea's were on sale for $1.99 each. If I didn't have such a small car, I would have bought the six they had left.

We came home and cut the back yard. The lawnmower has this bar you pull back (it lands even with the bar you use to push the mower) in order to crank it and keep it running. When you are ready to turn off the mower, you let go of the small bar and wala - mower cuts off. Thanks to my neighbors cutting the sides and the front yard, I only had to tackle the backyard. However, when I pulled the mower out of the garage, the bracket for the bar was hanging off. I had to figure out how to put it back on so it'd pull the wire correctly for the mower would run. How it came off in the first place is still a mystery. It's still not on there correctly, but it works. I'll have my Dad fix it when he comes to visit ;).

It was so hot outside, my daughter's face was beat red from jumping rope. We had a good time though despite it feeling like we skipped spring and moved directly into mid summer ;). We planted the three bushes in front of the porch and the two azaleas at the end of the porch.

I purchased six six packs of petunias. Our daughter and I got the hanging baskets from last year out of the garage and put seven petunias in each of the five pots. Four hang on the front porch and one hangs on the garage. She had so much fun helping me plant them in the pots.

Yesterday, I had planned to head back to Lowes and get three more boxwoods for the other side of the porch. After he swallowed the magnet, I decided that was a sure sign that Sunday would be better spent at home ;). The wind was blowing so hard, it was for the best. 50 mph wind gusts throws my little car all over the interstate.

So, we shifted plans and I decided it was high time to tackle the upstairs. I'm a month behind my regular spring schedule. Usually, the first few days we can open the windows, I spring clean and downsize the unnecessary stuff we've accumulated throughout the year. This year, with the job, I've just not had time.

Yesterday turned out to be the perfect day for it! I'm so proud of our daughter. She was not in the least interested in cleaning up her room, much less cleaning out her room ha! I started in my son's room and when she saw how organized and neat everything turned out, she decided her room would look better if she cleaned it up. She had piles of things she was throwing away. By the time I was ready to dust and vacuum her room, she told me that although she didn't think cleaning could be fun, she really had a good time! Music to an obsessive compulsive's ears lol! We really cleaned up the upstairs and organized it so well! It felt really good to go up there last night to give them baths and not think of (and see) all the things that needed doing. The only room that is left that needs attention is the Army room. I figure I will do that room later. I am just not in the mood to face the Army room :(.

Today, I plan to organize and spring clean the downstairs. I'm ashamed of how bad my desk looks. There's also all the toys in the toy box downstairs. Oh my, the thing no longer holds them all - it's time to toss some things ;). I think I'll tackle that one after night night time to keep down the battles about what is going and what is staying ;).

I got word today that tonight they will be ready to go live. So, hopefully tonight this job will finally be completed and I'll get my other half of pay! With that and the taxes, our savings will finally be back to what it was before we bought the house. I'm hopeful it will be enough to ease any concerns he has about retiring, so next year at this time he will be a civilian or almost a civilian. We both love this area so much - especially our neighborhood, and don't want to have to move again.

He's leaning towards trying to get on with the Post Office. I know some government jobs you can't also receive your military retirement until a certain age (which I think is idiotic - you worked for it, you should get it). Does anyone know if that includes the postal service?

Lastly, after the job is done and the downstairs is clean - it will be time to focus completely on finishing that dining room so I can get started and finish our bedroom upstairs before it gets too hot. I am positive if I can devote four to six hours a day on the dining room, I can have it finished up in two weeks. Hopefully by May 1st. If I can get in our bedroom and work four to six hours per day in there, maybe I can finish it before school lets out. That would leave me the entire summer to focus on the yard and going through the Army room and basement and downsizing things we're keeping just for keeping's sake ;). I'd like to have every drawer, closet and storage area completely organized and downsized before he comes home. I have about four months left...if I can just keep motivated I may can make this a reality!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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