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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Absurdity in its Purest Form

Are you ready for absurd? THIS is absurd:

Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry, lashing out at the White House's "twisted sense of ethics and morality," accused Republicans on Friday of distorting his record and attacking his patriotism.

Kerry, at an outdoor rally on the University of Pittsburgh campus, used an American flag and the national anthem to fire back at Republicans who charge he is weak on defense for voting against some weapons systems and an $87 billion bill to pay for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You see, it is perfectly ethical to say that President Bush was a deserter and/or was AWOL. It is perfectly ethical to call this president a liar, but never offer facts to back up this claim. It is perfectly ethical to demand Bush release all of his military records while refusing to release your own. It's perfectly ethical for your wife to hand out asses of evil pins at a house party/fundraiser on your behalf. It's even perfectly ethical to call a secret service agent a SOB when he accidentally knocks you down on the slopes.

However, do not question this Senator's voting record. To do so is questioning his patriotism and that, sir, is out of line!

How dare you point out that I voted to send people to war, but voted against funding it! How dare you point out that while I berated this administration for not being prepared, not having the proper body armor (among other things) in this quagmire called Iraq, I voted against the money to pay for it! How dare you! That insinuates I'm unpatriotic! I cannot be unpatriotic! I spent four months in Vietnam! Do you hear me? I was wounded three times (and no I won't release my medical records describing said wounds) during my tour in Vietnam! Never mind I came home and proceeded to sell out every person still fighting in Vietnam (many on their second year tours). Never mind the lies I told while selling them out. I served my country in combat for four long months and that trumps any vote I cast just a few short months ago!! I am a confessed war criminal. I not only spoke out against those war criminals in Vietnam, I allowed my view to be heard so loudly, so clearly, so boldly, that my comments were used against my own citizens who were prisoners of war!

"I'm tired of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and a bunch of people who went out of their way to avoid their chance to serve when they had the chance," the Massachusetts senator said. "I'm not going to listen to them talk to me about patriotism."

Mr. Kerry, if your brand of patriotism was and is considered acceptable, America would be in a world of hurt. Your tactics of patriotism you have and currently employ are also being followed by your bloated supporter, Ted "the drowned" (as in booze and young women) Kennedy. Not long after Kennedy made comments on your behalf, young Sadr (who you have already sided with concering our closing of his paper that called for attacks against our troops) repeated almost verbatim Kennedy's "Bush's Vietnam" statement. How grand it must feel to once again show America your brand of patriotism! To once again be giving aid and comfort to those who seek to kill our service members. Allowing your words to be used by the enemies we are battling, these words that give encouragement to our enemies.

"They don't think twice about trying to pretend to America that I somehow don't care about the defense of our nation," Kerry said, paraphrasing wording in the Star Spangled Banner.

Fortunately, even the simple minded will have to no look further than your own words and actions to know, without any doubt, you care nothing about the defense of this nation, nor the ones who fight and die defending it. We have to look no further than your wife's words and actions to know she shares your sentiments also.

I distrust you. You are appalling and vile. However, most importantly, you are a danger to this country's national security...

Kerry Hits Back at White House, Defends Patriotism

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