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Friday, March 12, 2004

A Traitor Deserves Death

We all seem to be ready to make examples out of people. Look at what has happened to Martha Stewart. Right or wrong, if she had not been a high profile person, I highly doubt charges would have been brought against her. With her name though, it would get the media in a frenzy and an example would be set in front of the entire country.

Now, I always shudder when I listen to democrats. I honestly catch myself feeling as if some are on the wrong side of this war on terror. Now we have one in our net - it's time to make an example out of her. I don't want to see her sent to prison for a few years. I want to see her put to death. Set the example - if you betray your country and those who fight to defend it, we will execute you. Bring back Ol' Sparky...

Susan Lindauer, the former Democratic congressional aide charged with spying for Iraq, was arrested several months after meeting with an FBI agent who posed as a Libyan intelligence agent looking to recruit support for Iraqi groups attacking U.S. forces in the aftermath of the war.

Trying to recruit support for resistance against our troops. What more can you do to deserve the death penalty??! Fry her and set the example.

The indictment says Lindauer met with the agent again on July 17, 2003, to discuss the same topic. Then, according to prosecutors, the undercover FBI agent instructed Lindauer to leave a set of documents at a designated spot in Takoma Park, Maryland, the suburb of Washington, D.C., where Lindauer lives. The indictment says Lindauer left the requested documents on August 6, 2003, and left another set of documents on August 21, 2003.

Not an isolated incident, she even drops off documents. TWICE. Thankfully, she was giving them to the FBI. I'd like to know what the documents were and how she got her hands on them.

During the period from June 2003 until February 2004, the indictment alleges, Lindauer remained in regular e-mail contact with the FBI undercover agent, whom she believed was working for Libya.

Just last month she was still thinking she was in contact with Libya. Our soldiers are dying while trying to stabiize Iraq and she's in contact with someone she thinks will help INCREASE the resistance. What more do we need? Lets give her a fair trial and put her sorry tail to death. No mercy for betraying those who wear the uniform and your country. NO MERCY!

UPDATE: A link would be helpful. huh? Well, here you go ;):
How Susan Lindauer Was Caught

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