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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Seems Kerry Enjoys Using Wordy Durds.

So, I cruise by Drudge this evening, just to catch a quick take on the latest dirt.

I find this headline:

I think - eh, it's probably similar to Dean's blog where the Deanie Babies were ripe with words when it came to Bush. The visitors posting comments tossing out the "F" word here and there. I honestly thought that Drudge was grasping for straws here after his premature run with the intern scandal and it (as of yet) not providing much of a fire.

Imagine my surprise when I follow the link for the ugly word search provided by Drudge and see that these are articles located in their "pressroom" directory - QUOTING KERRY! Not comments provided by visitors to the site!

A Lighter Side of John Kerry

Noting my physical discomfort beside him in the backseat, Wade asks Kerry, "Sir, have you ever considered getting a bigger car?" Kerry shoots back, "No, but I have thought about cutting all your f***ing legs off at the knees."

Oh, and that's my edit there above. On Kerry's site, all letters are included for the world to see.

I guess if my daughter were ten or twelve and wanting to read up on the candidates, I wouldn't be allowing her to read articles about him where he is quoted. Am I the only one bothered that a candidate for the highest office in America - the most powerful man in the world if elected, freely throws out four letter words to be quoted in magazine articles? Then, posts them on his website as if there's not a thing in the world wrong with it?

Wow. The quote itself (besides the four letter word) - cutting legs off at the knees. Mr. Nice Guy. And he's whining in the Press over attacks from the Bush Campaign? Has Bush even started campaigning yet? What attacks? Can someone provide me with a link or two where Bush is quoted attacking him? And with a mouth like that, seems like he should have some thick skin to go with it.

By far, the scariest part of the article - well, beside the fact that Kerry himself is scary enough, was the mention of McCain being a running mate lol!

By June, I truly hope the American people will have a clear and broad picture of the type of person Hanoi John is. He'll ruin his own chances I believe (ok, I hope) and it will have little to do with any attacks posed by the "meanie right."

I wonder if after this, the democrats will reconsider front loading the primary process so heavily? They all seem to have gone with Kerry because he was "the best chance" they had to beat Bush. Once they all start learning more and more about their Save-America-From-Bush candidate, his voting record, his never having a position you can nail down one way or the other fence straddler - I wonder if possibly, Edwards would be the candidate they wish they had taken the time to consider.

It's going to be one interesting campaign season. I just wish my husband were home. I love talking politics with him.

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