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Monday, March 15, 2004

Quote of the Day

Day 188 for those counting along with me ;)!

The quote this day comes from the most handsome, loving and wonderful man in the world. That, of course, would be my husband.

He called last night and my goal (now that we get to talk almost every week for a few minutes) is to get him laughing on the phone. I'm an aggravator. Mother says I get it from my father - she's right ;). I love to give him a hard time and get him laughing. I can see his face get red, I can see him in my mind laughing with that great smile and tears welling up in his eyes...

Last night it was about the ceiling in the dining room I am redoing. He says get the contractor back out here - I say I'm looking into this stuff that's like wall paper. The ceiling isn't falling in, just a bad patch job from years ago that mud isn't going to fix. Five minutes later we had moved on to another topic and Mr. Control Freak was back talking about calling the contractor. I reminded him, we'd covered that Hero (my nickname for years for him - gets him all riled he he). I'm the man of this house - if I need to, I'll rip the damn ceiling out myself ;). He's just holding the tail lol, so move on. He gets so tickled when I give him a hard time and it makes me feel so good to hear him laugh. There's not much to laugh about where he is I'd imagine.

He also pointed out that he'd be getting close to forty here soon. I reminded him I was still 29 and holding lol! This morning he sends me such a loving email. Of course he has to get a joke in there. Nothing like waking up to a good laugh on a rainy Monday morning.

There's not a second that goes by that I don't think of us, our dreams and our life together as I grow older and you, of course, continue to stay in your mid-twenties.

Gosh I miss him so much. I cannot wait until he's finally home - where I can not only hear him laugh, but see his wonderful smile. I love this man with everything that I am.

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