The Deployment Diary

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Quote of the Day - Day 186

My little ones had gone upstairs to play for a bit. I decided to see what was happening on HGTV. You know, find some motivation to finish the room that is torn apart downstairs.

It's almost as if the channel changes, a sensor in their little brains is notified and they come tearing down the stairs to see why I turned "their shows." You know, they were watching that from upstairs - between singing with the radio and arguing over whose turn it was with the mic.

Our oldest (daughter) flops down in the chair and sees a home expert rearranging some furniture. Our youngest hits the chair across the room saying, "Momma, my shows are still on. I know they are."

Daughter pipes in with the quote of the day, "Wow, they are redoing that room. It's almost like our house except they don't take as long to finish it as you do."

I started to explain there is a CREW doing the work, whereas here, it's little ol' ME doing all the work. That they EDIT - you know, cut out lots of parts to it and fast forward to the end to see the beautiful result in thirty minutes.

Instead, I said nothing. It's my cue to get in there and get to work on that room lol!

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