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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Nothing says, "Good Purchase" like furniture you hate.

This humorous quote is courtesy of my dearest friend whose blog you can read here.

The quote had to do with my mentioning I wish I had a laptop - where I could sit in the recliner and work from there instead of this desk I hate. No, the blog is not my job (unfortunately ha! getting paid to do this would be too wonderful). I also do contract web design. Maybe I'll share links of my work one day ;).

So, I say I'd rather be in the recliner working, "instead of this damn desk I bought and ended up hating it five minutes after I got it put together."

Her response of course, was the title of this entry: "Nothing says, 'Good Purchase' like furniture you hate." And there you have it.

The Story of the Computer Desks.

Yes, that is plural with an "s." It's quite humorous actually. I had a good paying job back in 2000. I ran a website for a small military publication. My husband and I had paid off our debt. The computer I was using was a hand-me-down from my father. 32 MG Ram, Windows 95 - so slow you couldn't have two programs opened at once and finish anything timely. The company bought me a new computer to use - and I wanted a new and improved desk to go with it!

I set out one Saturday on a "Mom's Day Out." I was driving our 1997 (I believe) Explorer. On the way to Office Depot to look at desks, I stopped by the Ford/Lincoln Dealership. Before I knew what happened, I'd secured a great deal on a 2000 Mountaineer - fully loaded. The Cadillac of SUVs without being a Cadillac ;). In our family, I'm the car haggler. Dh just says, "I don't haggle. Deal with her and then I'll pay you." I LOVE that man ;). I truly enjoy the haggle - and winning. I love to play two dealerships against one another - and I love to come away with 0% interest, a great price and a brand new vehicle. Love the new car smell! Oh those were the days. After purchasing the "I need lots of love" house - the days of new car shopping every spring are long gone.

My husband jokes that it was the best driving computer desk he'd ever seen ;).

The next time we went out for a computer desk, needless to say he went with. I found an unfinished small desk. He said it was too small. I said I was tired of big - less space, less clutter - less stress! The job was getting stressful. I wanted to try to downsize my work area.

We bought the small desk. In a week of me practically laying on the monitor because it was huge and the desk was so small, I admitted he was right. Not so thrilled, once again we went out to shop for a computer desk. Yes, this is trip number three if you count the truck lol!

I find one at Office Max that is a corner type unit. It's big. Dh says "I thought you were tired of a huge desk. I think this one is bigger than the desk that started all this."

I said, "Well, now I realize I need lots of room after being perched at the tiny desk."

He said, "Since it doesn't require gasoline, lets get it."

And so we did. Of course, soon after putting the darn thing together, I've hated it. A week later I said, "you know - you were right. This thing is just too big."

He said, "You're driving one desk. You have the one that started this mess up in the bedroom. The too small desk is in the garage and now you have this desk. Pick between what we have. We're not getting another desk."

Of course, being the hard headed person I am, and the fact I was making almost as much money as he was heh heh, I could have very well gone out and bought another desk. Normally - I'm a "tell me I can't and I will" type person. He was right though. And, four years later, I'm still riding this same monstrosity of a desk that I hate. The loophole you see is a laptop. THAT is not a desk. THAT needs no desk....

It's not easy being married to me ;).

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