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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

My Favorite Commentator

Monday through Friday, Neal Boortz provides his listeners with his program notes - otherwise known as Nealz Nuze. When we're lucky, he provides detailed notes/written commentary on the issues he'll cover on his show that day. He also gives us a section at the bottom of his program notes called Reading Assignments. This is the area where he provides links to articles of interest. There has yet to be a day where I didn't enjoy seeing what he was linking to and what his thoughts were on the issues of the day. I've come to realize that Saturdays and Sundays have boring mornings because there's no Nealz Nuze to start the day off with!

Boortz is a Libertarian. As such, he hammers both sides of the political fence. Admittedly I lean right. I'm not a straight party-line voter, however. I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. And, as we all know in politics - there's enough bad and ugly to around regardless of political affiliation.

My absolute favorite topic these days is Kerry. I love to read and hear Boortz point out the obvious concerning Hanoi John. Another topic he has covered extensively is eminent domain abuse. Visit his site, do a search and prepare to be frightened by the actions of politicians regarding personal property!

I'm a Boortz Fan! If you are an individual thinker, you'll be a fan too!

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