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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Marines in Iraq

An interesting and informative article about the Marines in the Sunni Triangle. If you've been following the news, they've had a hard week. All those in this area could use your prayers.

Army commander says Marines face challenge in quieting Iraqi town

If you weren't aware of Ar Ramadi and Fallujah, I will bet you'll hear more and more from this area as the weeks progress. The Marines will be doing things differently than the 82nd Airborne did. I'll be extremely interested to see if the change in force and the way they do things will bring about a big change in the area. I trust our military leaders for the most part. However, this is a scary place and I can't help but worry for the young Marines who will be doing the hard job.

"Our families only know what they read in the paper, what they hear on the news. And I tell you, our families cringe when they see Fallujah on the news. 'Soldier killed in Fallujah.' They know what that means. I think the world now knows the name Fallujah."

Sir, if they don't, I have a feeling here soon the town will be a household name. It already is for Army spouses.

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