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Sunday, March 21, 2004

The Marines Arrive

and I cannot help but wonder if their commanders are already rethinking all the judgment they placed at the feet of the 82nd Airborne. For a few months, I've read quotes from Marine higher ups about the Army's job in this area. Often scathing criticisms of what they view as "heavy-handed" tactics. Frightening quotes of putting Marines on foot patrols in this region and befriending Iraqis in this Sunni "hate America" region. The changes they planned because, if you read into what they were saying without saying, the Army had failed and it was their fault for such high insurgent rates in this area.

I'll be honest. More than once I read what these higher ups were saying and thought, yeah - wait to pass judgment until you are there doing the job. These people do not "feel the love." Being in your easy chair back in California critiquing the job of those dying there is easy. You may have to adjust your game plan once you arrive. All the posters in the world will not fix what is this area's problem.

I hope they are paying attention and will not needlessly risk young Marine lives. This isn't like the war. It's a whole 'nother ball game.

Marine recounts battle

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