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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Kerry no hero in ex-crewman's eyes

The chilling part I guess is the coincidence that he lost his job hours after an article ran where he talked negatively about Kerry. Those unions you know, they love the democrats. So many right wing conspiracies. Seems there's room for that on both sides.

Later, Gardner said, a campaign official working with Kerry's crewmates contacted him to sound him out on his views about Kerry. Then historian Douglas Brinkley, who did not interview Gardner for his recent book about Kerry's Vietnam service, "Tour of Duty," called Gardner over the weekend. Brinkley told him there would be a firestorm if he went public, and the two discussed Gardner's views on Kerry's Vietnam service, Gardner said.

Brinkley warned him there'd be a "firestorm" if he went public. I guess he meant there'd be some coincidental layoffs.

Kerry no hero in ex-crewman's eyes

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