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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Day 200

It's day 200! It's finally arrived.

This week was spring break week. Enough procrastination has made the week's accomplishments on the old house pretty scarce. It was a good week though. It's always wonderful to have my oldest home with us all day. She's so much fun and has such a creative mind! Even with it raining some of the days - like today ;), they've made some great craft projects and had a wonderful time making the house look as though a tornado hit it ;). Normally, this would drive me nuts being the anal, borderline obsessive compulsive that I am. But, it seems that the older I get the less the small stuff gets to me. Maybe it's the deployment - maybe it's just me. However, I finally realize that what goes on in our house is small stuff. It's just "stuff" as long as we are healthy and happy. Toys laying on the floor or scraps of paper all over the dining room table makes me smile, not want to rush in and clean up. It means they are using their minds, having fun and when it all boils down to it, that's what childhood at the ages they are should be about. Once we're sure we're done playing with Gi Joe, the race cars, the crayons, glue, glitter and construction paper - then we'll pick it up. I'm enjoying the new found freedom of not being so obsessive over the house looking perfect 24/7.

I'm really looking forward to summer vacation now. This week went by too fast! I enjoyed us being able to start the day at our own pace and think up things to pass the time that we normally wouldn't have time for between school, homework, baths, supper and the rest. We even dug up some areas in the backyard by the new fence and put flower seeds down. Both little ones are really excited to see what flowers will come up. I bought a box of wild flower mix, so it will be a surprise to see what blooms. I think it will look beautiful next to the little area of dirt by the drive that runs against the fence. Something about vibrant colors next to that white fence screams beauty to me. I guess I should get out there this week and paint that section of fence though. I don't want to get paint on the flowers once they start sprouting ;).

I picked up all the rest of the things to finish up the dining room at Lowes. I'm thinking I will start making the trek in the opposite direction to Home Depot from now on though. They offer military families a ten percent discount. I'd read other spouses say the Lowes in their area, when asked, would give them the ten percent. When I asked last week, the lady was really snooty about it and said, "We ONLY give a discount on Memorial and Veterans' Day." I can understand that, but she could have been nicer about it. Think I'll take my money elsewhere ;).

I do have one wall's woodwork sanded down and ready to add the polyshade to it. Minwax has a stain/poly mix and I used Antique Walnut on all the woodwork in the kitchen. It turned out beautifully. We have eight windows and two door facings in the kitchen alone - all original. Our carpenter says the original woodwork in the house is cherry, so when you add the stain/poly mix, it has a beautiful deep color that has a hint of red to it. However, the new woodwork (on the poor folk's budget ha!) in the dining room is NOT cherry. It's birch for the plate rail and wainscoting and the french doors are white pine. The carpenter stained several scraps to get the right color to match the kitchen's woodwork, so I purchased the plain stain to apply to it first that will give it the reddish tint and three containers of the Antique Walnut to apply over it. I want the woodwork to have a gloss to it and the polyshade is satin, so I bought regular polyurethane to apply over the finished product. Now, if I could just downshift out of procrastination and get started ha! I think, I'm truly worried of messing up the woodwork though, and that has been the key to the problem of getting in there and doing it. This afternoon is the day though! Keep your fingers crossed ;). I'll be doing all the old woodwork first - then I'll start the new to make sure it matches the old per the carpenter's advice. I hope I can do it right where you cannot tell old from new. Prayers would be most helpful ;). I really want this room to turn out to be gorgeous so when he gets home he's really impressed with the finished product!

Hope everyone had a great week and sorry for the delay in updates. More thoughts coming...I've bookmarked several things I've read this week I wanted to comment on. Maybe you'll find something that will interest you.

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