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Friday, March 19, 2004

Day 192 - Rumors and Ramblings...

This week has been hectic. I'm trying to finish up a web design job which is no easy task with a puking three year old ;). I'm happy to report that PukeFest 2004 seems to be over and for now - we are all healthy. The content management system is all set up, the design kink in Netscape found (note - hspace in the image tag WILL disrupt a table in Netscape if it's too wide lol), the database is working correctly (after two hours of failing to recognize the admin and having to hunt down that problemo), the content is 99% together. This weekend it will be adding content and more content. All the hard parts are finished!! Whew!

This week the weather has been gorgeous. I cannot wait to get the pond cleaned out, clean water in it and the fountain going. It's so peaceful! I'm also looking forward to planting a ton of flowers around the new fence on the sidewalk side. I still have to find the letter (dh wants the first letter of our last name hanging on the gate) and antique it and put that up - oh and get the last few post caps primed and added. I have planter boxes and trellises to build out of the pickets that were not used. I need to plant grass in the bare spots, add a weed killer to the front yard and buy and plant some bushes. I also need to get some Lyme (or is it Lye - white powder stuff) to put around the house to keep the spring bugs from finding their way into the old house.

So much to do - so little time.

The dining room is still waiting on sanding and the second coat of mud on the cracks. Tomorrow I hope to head to Lowes and get the paint, primer, stains and polyurethane to finish up that room. Then, it's a mad dash up to our bedroom to get that thing started so I can finally have a BED to sleep in (new bedroom suit on layaway just waiting for room to be done). This old couch has lived through so many separations of me snoring on it - the thing is now so soft it gives me a backache. See, I'm one of these odd people who refuse to sleep in our bedroom when he's gone. It's less stressful if my clothes just reside in the bedroom and I fall asleep in front of the TV every night.

The Rumor
So, one of my friends in the FRG and I just have this feeling they will be coming in sooner than expected. We've had this feeling since October I'd say. We can't really place our finger on why - but it's just there and it's such a strong feeling you can't really overlook or ignore it. We scour news articles looking for mention of them and redeployment. We have found several that state our suspicions even though the Army will never confirm or deny lol!

Now, before anyone gets upset or thinks "there's the rumor mill every FRG Leader dreads," what we think and what we find online stays between myself, my friend and a mutual friend. The three of us are on the same page as to it's an inside conversation not to be shared with the populace lol. We don't call others outside the "nutty three" and let them into our strange world of lots of prayers, nightly searches online and a bunch more hope ha!

The way we look at it is, if nothing else, it gets us to that next place - and by the time we are there, we will be as far out from homecoming as we are now with the suspected "rumor" date - so there will STILL be plenty to be excited about ;). I guess for us, it's just another way to have a day to strive for - a goal if you will. Like back in September, it was "if we can just get through Halloween." Then, Christmas etc. For me - it was always, "If I can just get through February with my sanity still hanging out with me, the rest will be a breeze."

So, now we have these rumors that we discuss, that brings us a ray of hope (without being crushing if they are not true), which turns to discussion of what all we want to have done before they get home... In short, it's just a mind game of sorts to keep our spirits lifted. I'll be honest - it's so much fun! Just because we are past the six months and we're on the downside!! It gives some bounce in our steps, something to dream about...

Well, my friend has a friend (isn't that the way all rumors start out lol?). This friend of a friend works at the hospital. She also gives one of the debriefings at redeployment for all incoming troops. The woman wouldn't discuss it, but somehow a bottle of wine got involved and she spilled that the hospital is planning the redeployment debriefings for our group - soon. SOON. Ok, not in the next few weeks, but soon enough to be a reality when you think how long it takes to convoy, wash vehicles and get them loaded up.

My reaction to this news? "OH SHIT!! I haven't even started the bedroom and the dining room is a wreck and this job - and I wanted bushes and to order this sign and to have that room cleaned out and..."

My friend says, "WHO CARES??! So it won't be perfect - you don't always have to have everything perfect!!"

And, she of course, is right!! I've just had this plan through all this of what all I wanted completed in the house. How I imagine the outside to look when we pull up that first time. If this rumor is true, it will be weeks of 10 hour days in our bedroom to get that done before he gets home! And what does that mean? It means that the time will FLY!!!! It'll be here before I know it!

If the rumor isn't true? I will have found that motivation I needed to get my rear in gear. Instead of slowly finishing up all these projects, I'll knock them out and actually have some time before he comes home to relax a bit! To read a few books, sit on the front porch in the evenings and wave at neighbors as they pass by for their nightly walks. I'll be able to LIVE in this house instead of always WORKING in the house!

The best part if it's true? Of course, the best part is he gets out of such a dangerous place and we get him HOME. The other best part? It will be early enough to where we COULD take a trip to Mothers because school wouldn't have started! We COULD leave the babies for a weekend with Grandma and Paw Paw and take a drive to the beach ALONE!! Time for just the two of us!! We could lay in the sun all day, sleep in, eat a meal without correcting manners :). The thought of us having three or four days just to be alone together has me wanting to scream in excitement!! Since our oldest was born, we've not spent more than a few hours alone to go out to eat or walk through Wal-mart while MIL is visiting!

Ok, so there are the rumors and ramblings. True or not true - the sun is shining, spring is FINALLY almost here, this job is close to being finished and life is feeling so great right now!! It is official - I'm a summer person lol! I need that sunshine to feel good, to feel normal and not be so down in the dumps!! Come on SPRING!!!!!!

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