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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Citizen Smash and the Anti-War Protests

I found LT Smash's site last summer I believe. Matter of fact, it was the first blog I had ever read. I was completely mesmerized by the thought of a service member writing from a war zone. Anyone who has followed his blog knows he's an excellent writer - one who can make a sandstorm interesting to read about.

As of late, I now have over fifty blogs I follow regularly organized into a blog folder under my favorites. Citizen Smash is still under my media folder - so the past few months while my interest in blogs has increased, I've not been a regular reader.

I happened by the other evening and read his account and subsequent interview with a college socialist named Rebecca. All I can say is, go take a gander at this. Be prepared to be disgusted. It proves to me, once again, that a college education does not ensure intelligence.

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