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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Army Spouses Discuss Deployment

Ok, so that is what I would have titled this article provided to us by the Washington Post. It's five internet pages covering Army spouses' views concerning not only Army life, but life during a deployment. Instead, we must take the "big" news (retention), that is mainly discussed in the last page and title our article as such.

Maybe I'm biased against the press, but I just feel they could have titled this piece something that reflected the full and broad scope of this article. When I clicked on Army Spouses Expect Reenlistment Problems, I fully intended to be mumbling under my breath throughout the entire read. I figured the press had once again found the disgruntled of disgruntled to quote and use as a way to show military spouses hate military life and also feel our Army is stretched too thin. To my surprise, the article is quite informative. A long read, but I found it very well written, informative and an honest, direct look at the lives and emotions of those left behind.

Nope, I'm not thrilled with the title they chose. However, for the Washington Post, it was a well rounded, unbiased look into the hearts and minds of today's military spouse. Take the time to go read. You won't be sorry. As surprised as I am, I wasn't.

Army Spouses Expect Reenlistment Problems

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