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Sunday, March 21, 2004

And the Idiots Unite...

I live in a patriotic small town in middle America. I'm thankful for that. Shortly before my husband deployed, word was in the press they were leaving of course. On the interstate between our small town and the thirty five minute drive to the installation there are several overpasses. On one trip to the fort, twenty or so people were standing on one of the overpasses waving American flags and holding signs that read, "We love you!" and "Stay Safe!!"

Of course, I cried and honked the horn as we went under the overpass. It warmed my heart. Especially after friends at other installations had shared their stories of people spitting on or hitting their vehicles as they tried to get on post. Their children in the car with people holding signs or yelling things such as, murderers or other atrocious "slogans."

I'd told a few of my friends with the worst stories, they were much stronger and classy women than I. Had someone taken their fists to the hood of my car yelling such garbage with my children hearing it, I'm afraid this southerner may have downshifted into second and made my own political statement heh heh. I'm kidding of course. I'd never run over an idiot, I'd just think some wordy durds as I made my way through.

Thousands of protesters marched through Chicago's downtown shopping district. The Rev. Jesse Jackson urged the crowd to express their opposition to the war by voting against Bush.

"It's time to fight back," Jackson said. "Remember in November."

Ah yes. The race warlord himself. He has to get where the cameras are you know. People in Haiti die - it's time to deploy all our forces. Hundreds of thousands in Iraq are in mass graves, brutally butchered and tortured, their wives and daughters raped, but they are not worthy of helping if you ask Jackson. Such a compassionate man. I true leader for the oppressed. If, you are the right color of course.

Many of the demonstrations were accompanied by smaller gatherings of Bush supporters. In Los Angeles, marchers passed by several dozen people who lined one Hollywood block, waving flags and chanting "Four more years."

"We believe in George Bush. We believe in what he's doing," said Gary Beck, 48, who was visiting from Tampa, Fla.

See, it's my firm belief that conservatives and those who support Bush in general are true freedom lovers. We are individuals. We believe in being individuals. This means we do not categorize ourselves in special interest groups. We do not enjoy group status because it takes away from our individuality. We prefer our government do what it is suppose to do - protect us, protect our freedom and we pursue happiness on our own. Being responsible for our accomplishments as well as our mistakes. It's a novel concept really.

We understand that the Constitution of this great country does not include the "right" to a good paying job. It is our responsibility to work hard, follow our dreams and accomplish being qualified for that good paying job on our own.

We understand that the Constitution of this great country does not include the "right" to health care. As with it being our own responsibility to get the proper training and education to land a good job, it's our responsibility to work hard, study hard and be dependable to get the good jobs that offer us health care.

We are not group followers by nature. We are busy working, studying and improving our lives. Therefore, while we have these marchers and screamers getting the press - it may appear they are larger in number. Meanwhile, our voices are heard at the voting booths because we're too busy to take a week off work to go march somewhere.

"He got support based on fear," said Shannon Sharrock of Temple, Texas, a former Army helicopter pilot whose husband serves in Iraq. "The war in Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism."

Fear? Nothing to do with terrorism? Now, we all know had Saddam handed off some glowing something or another and it wound up in her town killing hundreds or thousands, she would be one of the first saying, "That Bush KNEW Iraq was a danger and he did NOTHING to protect us. The election season was too close and he would put his own political gain ahead of protecting us!!!"

And so it goes. The idiots unite.

Major Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary

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