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Friday, March 19, 2004

The Alarm Bell is Ringing

Oliver North has hit the nail on the head in his latest commentary on

He correctly tells us to find the parallels between the rhetoric of Spain's socialist Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero during his candidacy to John Kerry:

Mr. Zapatero's upset victory means that the Jihadists we are now fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and the mountains of Pakistan now have a new incentive to try even harder to pull off another major attack inside the United States. They have proven that they can alter the outcome of an election in Spain. We're the next logical target.


Mr. Zapatero's opposition Socialists maintained that the Afghan and Iraqi campaigns were wrong "because fighting terrorism with bombs [and] Tomahawk missiles, isn't the way to defeat terrorism." Availing himself of a sympathetic media, Mr. Zapatero harped that Spanish citizens were vulnerable at home, pledged less militancy, greater reliance on the United Nations and promised to strengthen domestic police agencies because, "Terrorism is combated by the state of law."

If this sounds vaguely similar to a campaign closer to home, listen carefully to Senator John Kerry's disparaging critique of the Bush administration's strategy of fighting terrorism as far as possible from the United States. Those who kill and use terror to bring about political change are reading our newspapers on the Internet. They watch our television on bootlegged satellite signals. They comprehend the difference between a president who has pledged to "stay the course in Afghanistan and Iraq" and a challenger who wants to "work more closely with the United Nations" and who believes "the war in Iraq is wrong, wrong, wrong!"

Frighten you? It should...

Oliver North: The Alarm Bell is Ringing

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